Artist Studio Visit

SubjectResearch Program on Local Artist "Artist Studio Visit"|Jeongha Jeong

Research Program on Local Artist "Artist Studio Visit" | Jeongha Jeong


Jeongha Jeong

Panelist : Moon Heeyoung

Date & Time : 2021. 11. 26. FRI  16:00 (UTC+09:00)

Online link : YouTube Live Stream (Korean)


The Gwangju Biennale Foundation will host the Gwangju Biennale Artist Studio Visit, a research program on local artist. The program returns this November with artist Jeongha Jeong.


Artist Jeongha Jeong documents her personal states of mind and the energies emitted by people she encounters under the theme “Another Way for Collecting Lights.” She mainly works with paint, which she became familiar with while mixing colors at her father’s paint shop, and epoxy resin, the quick-drying property of which facilitates color enclosure. These materials are suitable for collecting energies from the people the artist meets, which she encloses inside colors and reflects to send a message of support to humans, who always manage to find light in the deepest darkness. The November edition of the Artist Studio Visit program provides a tour of Jeong’s studio for an intensive look into her artistic world.


정정하, 빛에 대한 연구6(The study of light), Mixed Media, 가변설치, 2021.JPG 


Jeongha Jeong, <The study of light>, Mixed Media, Variable Size, 2021


2. 정정하. 빛에 대한 연구3(The study of light). Mixed Media. 가변설치. 2019.png


 Jeongha Jeong, <The study of light>, Mixed Media, Variable Size, 2020


3. 정정하. 아름다운 두려움 (Beautiful fear). Mixed Media. 가변설치. 2021. 부분.png 


Jeongha Jeong, <Beautiful fear>’detail’, Mixed Media, Variable Size, 2021


4. 정정하. Light PixelⅠ.건축용 페인트. 시험관. 목재거치대. 가변설치. 2019-2021. 부분.png 

Jeongha Jeong, <Light Pixel>’detail’, Paint, Test Tube, Wood Holder, Variable Size, 2019-2021


정정하, Light PixelⅠ,건축용 페인트, 목재 패널, 177x1,557cm, 2019-2021.jpg 

Jeongha Jeong, <Light Pixel>’detail’, Paint, Wood panel, 177x1,557cm, 2019-2021