15th Gwangju Biennale
SubjectCall for Gwangju Biennale Volunteers





Call for Gwangju Biennale Volunteers



- Title: The 14th Gwangju Biennale Volunteers

- Qualification: Undergraduate, graduate, or international students (regardless of majors)

- Content



Monthly Allowance


Writing a text of 1,400 characters or less

KRW 70,000


Making an Card News (News Slider)

of four frames or more


Creating a video shorter than a minute

KRW 100,000


* The monthly allowance includes expenses to incur during volunteering activities such as travel costs



- Duration: From March 2022 to July 2023

- Duties and Responsibilities

1) Creating and posting social media contents more than once a month

2) Attending the monthly Biennale planning meeting (to be alternated between on- and offline)

3) Completing a training for each category (one-off once selected)

4) Joining both the kick-off and the closing ceremony

* The activities above are all mandatory


Recruitment Schedule


Dec. 15th - Dec. 30th 2021

First Week of Jan, 2022

Jan. 20th, 2022.

Jan. 31st, 2022

Feb. 7th, 2022

Feb. 2022

Open call

Accepted applicant announcement

To be announced on official website


Plan* submission (no latter than 18:00)

Final selection announcement

To be notified individually

Kick-off ceremony


* The final selection will be determined based on the plan submitted by each candidate who attended all lectures.


How to apply

Download and fill out the application form on the official website, and send it to the

following e-mail: join_us@gwangjubiennale.org

Inquiries to: 062-608-4224 (PR&Marketing Division)