15th Gwangju Biennale

Pansori - a soundscape of the 21st century

2024.09.07 ~ 2024.12.01

Proposing a journey into contemporary space, Pansori - a soundscape of the 21st century will gather artists whose works reflect our new spatial conditions and the upheavals of the Anthropocene. To draw this topology of our times, the exhibition will take an operatic shape, structured by musical metaphors. As both images and sounds are nothing but vibrations, Pansori - a soundscape of the 21st century presents itself as a visual symphony composed by international artists.


The title pays tribute to pansori, a musical form which originated in south-west Korea in the 17th century to accompany shamanistic rituals. Its literal meaning being “the sound of the public place,” in other words, the voice of the common people.


The Biennale will be built as a narrative about the spaces we live in, the same way pansori singers practice storytelling with a lyrical or epic style, accompanied by a drumming for which different beats are connected to specific regions of Korea.


Above all, the Biennale urges us to remember that art is a unique space—mental, social, and symbolic—that encompasses all others. It is a place where reality gets recomposed and questioned, where social life and space-time can be reinvented.